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Mon-Fri   4 pm - 2 am
Sat & Sun   2 pm - 2 am

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Drinks & Spirits

These links take you to pdf's of our Drink Menu and Spirits List. The beers on draft change often and some cocktails come and go, but this should give you a good idea of what we're about. Our Spirits list is highly curated and we've tried to include all the major categories on the page, but even with all that editing we have too much stuff to fit it all!

Drinks Menu Spirits List Drinks Menu
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Our Story

Prizefighter is an attempt to gently nudge the bar industry and the drinking public in the direction we think it should be going. We asked ourselves:

  • "Can we put out world class cocktails in a casual and fun environment?"
  • "Can we remove all the pomp and circumstance surrounding cocktails and cocktail culture and get back to what great drinks really are? (superior: craft, technique and ingredients)"
  • "Can we incorporate a modern and dynamic beer program into a cocktail environment without dumbing down either?"
  • "Can we act as a barrier between our customers and the marketing hype to serve our patrons only high quality products we understand and believe in?"
  • "Can we create a bar program using only all natural sweeteners and juice we squeeze ourselves?"
  • "Can we find a small, dedicated staff that shares our values to tend the bar as we would/do?"
  • "Can we do all these things in a timely and friendly manner seven nights a week?"

We've put our more than 30 years of combined bar/restaurant experience to the test and believe we can now answer all these questions with a resounding "Yes!" Please come by and see for yourself.

Jon, Dylan and Polly

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Prizefighter by Eels
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you serve food/Can I bring food in to the bar?
We seve a few small items as snacks, nothing that would be considered a meal. We do not have a kitchen. You're welcome to bring food. If serving a party please be sure to bring plates, utensils and napkins. Thank you.

Do you have a phone?
We do have a phone, but we do not answer it. Send us a message at if you have any questions, comments, or inquiries.

Does Prizefighter accept credit cards?

How do I retrieve my forgotten credit card?
Cards are available for retrieval behind the bar everyday during opening hours. Just present your ID to your bartender.

Does Prizefighter have DJs or live music?
We do not have a cabaret license so we're not legally allowed to have any form of live entertainment including DJs. We do play music at all times however and we sincerely hope you like it.

Will you be showing the big fight (Boxing or UFC)?
We don’t show fights at Prizefighter for lots of reasons. Mostly because we’re named after a song, and we’d have to charge a cover, which we never, ever do.

Will you be showing the big game?
We have a modest sized tv in the corner for just that purpose. We show local and or important/championship games while they’re happening, without sound. We always play music in the bar.

I want to have a private party/event at Prizefighter.
How do I do that?

Please go to Bout 6 on this page and fill out the form to start the conversation.

Is Prizefighter a boxing themed bar?
Actually Prizefighter was named after one of our favorite rock and roll songs by the Eels. Ironically, the song has nothing to do with boxing or any kind of fighting at all. We highly recommend you go to iTunes and buy the song, then play it very loud and jump around. It's the first song on Hombre Lobo.

Can I bring my infant/small child into Prizefighter?
Unfortunately due to the type of liquor license we hold we're not legally allowed to have anyone under 21 on the premises at any time. Even when we're not open for business! We think it's a bit extreme too, please write your congress person.

What is your logo exactly?
Our logo is a graphic depiction of ice tongs. The same ones we use here everyday on our block ice. We have 3 distinct types of ice at Prizefighter as specific drinks demand specific ice. We recommend you come try them all.

Are you open on (insert holiday here)?
We are almost always open! The only days we’re closed are: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Years Day and Employee Appreciation Day (we’ll put up a notice on Facebook for that one so you won’t be caught unaware).

Bout 6

Looking to have a get together at Prizefighter? We're happy to reserve an inside table for your event, every day of the week except Fridays, at no cost. We reserve ONE table per party. Please fill out the form at least 2 days in advance and we'll get back to you within 48 hours.

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6702 Hollis Street
Emeryville, CA 94608


Mon-Fri   4 pm - 2 am
Sat & Sun   2 pm - 2 am


Socially Speaking

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